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A new TEXT number to connect with the Morning Edition

You may have noticed that we have a new way to text the Morning Edition. It's not an easy one to remember so just pop it in your contacts and you can reach the show and all of CBC Saskatchewan anytime. Chat soon!

Text us: 1-306-216-0092

The Queen City Ukes - Bringing Back The Ukulele

The ukulele is becoming more popular in Regina and the proof is in the Queen City Ukes. They meet once a month to learn and celebrate the 4 stringed instrument. The Morning Edition's Eric Anderson sat in on one of their jam sessions.


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New Ideas For Downtown Regina

Leasa Gibbons from Regina Downtown joins Sheila from Ottawa where she is attending an international conference looking at the improvement of downtown areas of cities.

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The loss of lack

Michael Harris argues Silence is something we've lost in the digital age
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Take a break from the screen

A Saskatchewan optometrist tells The Morning Edition she is seeing a rise in digital eye strain among young people and digital devices are to blame.
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A boy and his braids

Saskatoon mother, Tasha Hubbard, talks to the Morning Edition about her son's long braided hair and how he is struggling with the decision to cut it as he heads back to school. 
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A memorable exhibition at Dunlop Art Gallery

Local artist, Chrystene Ells, talks to Sheila Coles about Hello In There/Hello Out There - a new artbox exhibit by senior citizens.
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Expanding the classroom walls through social media

U of R professor, Alec Couros, talks to Sheila Coles about how teachers are using social media and technology as learning tools for students. 
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87-year-old gold medalist in javelin

Moose Jaw's Doreen Erskine won gold at the Canada 55+ Games. We find out why she's such a great athlete.
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