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INFOGRAPHIC: The amount of oil in Lac-Mégantic derailment

An estimate of light crude oil involved in the disaster as of July 24, 2013

Last Updated: July 29, 2013

72 tank cars on the train. 7,200,000 litres of crude oil carried by the train. 900,000 litres of unspilled oil inside 9 train cars that remained intact. 670,000 litres of oil that was recovered from damaged cars. 5,630,000 litres of oil that was burned or spilled into the environment. 12,000,000 litres of contaminated water recovered from waterways 
in Lac-Mégantic (sewer reservoirs, lake, ground). 52,000 litres of contaminated water recovered from Chaudière river.
Source: Développement durable, Environnement, Faune et Parcs de Québec
(Jaela Bernstein, Jason Boychuk, CBC)

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