Missing & Murdered

Who killed

Alberta Williams?

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In 1989, 24-year-old Alberta Williams was found dead along the Highway of Tears near Prince Rupert, B.C.

Police never caught her killer.

Twenty-seven years later, her unsolved murder continues to haunt her family — and the retired cop who says he knows who did it.

CBC News has produced an eight-part podcast and slideshow.

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Episode 1

The tip

A shocking and unexpected email leads to new revelations about Alberta’s death.

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  • Ep. 1

    The tip

  • Ep. 2

    The investigation

  • Ep. 3

    A Suspect

  • Ep. 4

    The Brothers

  • Ep. 5

    The Black Truck

  • Ep. 6

    The Taxi Driver

  • Ep. 7

    The Notebooks

  • Ep. 8