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Metro Morning, live from CAMH

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CAMH's Vision audio (runs 4:47)
CAMH president and CEO Catherine Zahn talks about the centre's redevelopment and how it fits into the CAMH's larger vision for transforming the care it provides.

Out Of This World Cafe audio (runs 4:06)
How a cafe here at CAMH helps mental health survivors and consumers learn valuable work skills, one meal at a time.

Artist In Residence audio (runs 5:16)
Lisa Walter, the artist-in-residence at Workman Arts talks about using art to mediate the difficult - and uncomfortable - conversation around suicide.

Affordable Housing audio (runs 6:13)
A new affordable housing building open next month on the CAMH site. Future tenant Kirsty Andrews talks about why she wants to live next to CAMH. David Hulchanski from the Cities Centre at the University of Toronto explains why a building like this is so significant.

Advocacy audio (runs 3:53)
Jennifer Chambers from the Empowerment Council at CAMH talks about client concerns' around the redevelopment.

Integration audio (runs 5:56)
Former head of CAMH, Paul Garfinkel on the evolution of mental health treatment and the challenges of truly integrating CAMH into the wider community.

Youth And Mental Health audio (runs 4:42)
Nick Carveth had anxiety issues and a drug addiction before he came to CAMH, and eventually graduated from highschool there. He shares his story and talks about what works when helping youth with concurrent disorders.

Henry's Appliance Store audio (runs 6:50)
Henry Gostkowski owns one of the last remaining appliance stores in the neighbourhood. He describes his long history of interacting with clients from CAMH.

A Parent's Perspective audio (runs 5:08)
Paul Bedford is best known for his work with Metrolinx and as the former chief planner for the City of Toronto. But there's another side of his life that you may know less about -- his journey to help his son Steve manage his schizophrenia.

Donations audio (runs 5:33)
Michael McCain, president and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, on why he and his family wanted to make sure their support of the work being done at the CAMH goes beyond the dollars they've donated.

Living With Stigma audio (runs 5:31)
Adrienne Magennis has been undergoing mental health treatment for more than three decades. She describes what life is like on the receiving end of stigma.

The Wall audio (runs 5:39)
Last week Matt Galloway met up with Lucy Costa from the CAMH Empowerment Council to hear the history behind "the wall".

Reading on urban revitalization in Parkdale can be found at the University of Toronto's Centre for Urban & Community Studies.

Audio Slideshow

Matt Galloway spoke with Alice Liang, the lead architect on the Queen Street location of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Turn on your speakers and watch the audio slideshow below for your first look at Toronto's newest neighbourhood.

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