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Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes

In his new book, "Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes," Toronto author and journalist Kamal Al-Solaylee details his family's search for a home in the Middle East, and how it affected his own search for identity as a gay man. He shared his story -- and some family photographs -- with Metro Morning's Morgan Passi.
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ADEN, YEMEN (1965)
Aden, Yemen in 1965
On the rooftop of the family building, Kamal's mother Safia holds him tightly while she waits for the laundry to dry. She was an overprotective mother, especially of Kamal - the youngest of eleven kids.

BEIRUT, LEBANNON (1969) Beirut, Lebannon: 1969
To make life easier, Kamal's mother often dressed her three youngest boys in identical shifts. (Kamal is on the far left)

CAIRO, EGYPT (1972) Restaurant.jpg Kamal (far right), his father and siblings celebrate Eid, the Muslim feast, with ice cream and soda.

SANA'A, YEMEN (1988) Nine_Men_Posing.jpg A social gathering in Sana'a with men who, like Kamal (front left), were fulfilling their military service. It wouldn't be long after that Kamal would trade the Middle East for a life in England, and then, here in Toronto.