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Egg Donation

Matt Galloway spoke with Toronto actor Claire Burns. She is producing an event tonight about family and infertility issues, it is called "Hatched - a conversation over cocktails". It starts at 7:00 tonight at Gallery 1313.
Listen audio (runs 5:34)

Our Audience Writes:

Ms. Burns indicates that she went through her initial egg donation process for 'quite altruistic' reasons. Ms. Burns also explains that decision was a function of being young and wishing to help etc (although I note she is presently advertising as an egg donor @ 28 years old for money).

Later in the interview she relates that she was indeed paid for her services and jokes about 'rolling' around in the money.


Does someone who 'donates' something get paid for it? Does altruism involve financial compensation?

Be it hyprocrisy or confusion, somebody seems to be skirting around the moral and ethical issues involved here.
-Glen K. Ness