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Disappearing Daughters - Advertising gender planning

The CMAJ study raises questions about whether couples are actually taking steps to ensure the birth of boys. An ad published in the February edition of Ajit - a Mississauga-based weekly newspaper published in Punjabi - seems to suggest they do.

A reproductive clinic in Michigan is advertising gender planning and gender detection after pregnancy. These tests target South Asian communities living in and around the GTA. The clinic is located just outside of Detroit, a four-hour drive from Toronto.

The ad alludes to the fact that chemicals secreted in a woman's ovaries have as much a role to play in determining the sex of the fetus as the male sperm. It further states these secretions change every month and they will ensure you will have a male or female child if you conceive accordingly.

By testing your urine over a two-month period you can find out the exact month in which you can conceive a male or female child. You can therefore plan the sex of the baby by conceiving in your month of choice.

The advertisement however comes with a caveat, that while they can help in helping with selection of sex, it's also up to fate to decide sex of the fetus. They go on to say that while this is not a form of medication, they boast a success rate of 80%. "Four out of five families who use the services are happy after doing this."

In addition, Urobiologics LLC also offer to tell you the sex of your child with 95% accuracy. They cap it with a discount of 10% offered if you purchase both First gender post-conception test and the Gender Detection After Pregnancy tests with a easy to remember toll free contact number 1-877-HE-OR-SHE.

We had the ad literally translated from Punjabi to English by the CBC's Balraj Bhathal.

Boy or Girl?
We announce with proud we found that lady (mother) has equal share on the baby being boy or girl. Sperm makes boy or girl, lady gives proper chemicals. At the time of pregnancy ovary's chemicals affects child. These chemicals change every monthly period. One month boy's chemicals are high the next month grills chemicals are high.

With only 2 months washroom test you can plan which month is good for you. In proper month pregnancy you can get your desired child. It's all natural. We don't sell any medication and there is no medication. With this plan 4 out of 5 families are happy.

If any company promises you your desired child without any test they are lying and they are doing fraud with you.

First gender post-conception test
Gender Detection After Pregnancy

Just after pregnancy we can tell if the baby if boy or girl. This test is 95% accurate.
When buy both tests at the same time save 10 %.
Both tests can be done my mailing us you washroom sample. You don't need to visit us.