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Episode Update

Carding Changes

Later this week, the Toronto Police Services Board will consider proposed changes to the rules around carding or street checks. Chief Bill Blair has called those changes "a remarkable milestone." We heard reaction from two people engaged in this issue.
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Unfulfilled pledges

If a wealthy family or individual pledges money to a non-profit institution, what can that institution do to make sure it actually gets its money? That question is being asked after a story in The Globe and Mail which looked at some 23 million dollars in unpaid pledges to the ROM. Host Matt Galloway spoke to Bruce Macdonald of Imagine Canada.
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Citizenship testing

Last week we told you about a drop in the number of immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship. Fewer people may be making that leap, in part because the citizenship test has gotten harder. Kyle Carsten Wyatt recently took that test. He told host Matt Galloway about the experience and why he thinks the citizenship test matters.
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Periscope privacy

Despite the privacy concerns that arise when new apps, such as Twitter's Periscope, roll out, CBC News social media producer Lauren O'Neil will keep sharing her life online. For her, the benefits outweigh potential dangers. Host Matt Galloway spoke to her.
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Yemen conflict

Syria remains the focus of the world's attention in the Middle East, and yet Yemen is splitting at the seams. Kamal Al-Solaylee is a journalism professor at Ryerson University with close ties in Yemen. He is deeply affected by the fighting, and tells us why we should be too.
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Ethical Chocolate

Most of us don't spend a lot of time asking tough questions about chocolate. Matt spoke to Lalita Krishna. She is a Toronto documentary filmmaker and the founder of the Choco-finder smartphone app.
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