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Music: November 2015 Archives


The soundtrack for a documentary on the late British singer Amy Winehouse was released last week and our music columnist Errol Nazareth says it gave him the opportunity to reflect on her greatness. Four years back, one of Britain's most mesmerizing singers, was found dead in her London apartment. She was only 27. Given Winehouse's public battle with drugs, alcohol and bulimia, speculation was rife about how she died but an inquest later confirmed she died from alcohol poisoning. A two hour documentary titled "Amy" was released last summer and it rightfully received rave reviews for its portrayal of the troubled singer. Critics all over the world called it extraordinary, stunningly moving and gripping. And they were all right. The soundtrack which is now on CD, is also titled "Amy", and features previously unreleased live versions of songs and demos, as well as compositions by Antonio Pinto who created the score for the doc.