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Music: April 2014 Archives

Errol's Pick

Nearly 25 years ago, a band called Uncle Tupelo released an album that many music critics called an essential document in America's musical heritage. "No Depression" was the title of that record, it's just been reissued and our music columnist Errol Nazareth reviewed it on the show this morning:
The trio cooked up an incendiary blast of country-meets-punk, floored music fans and critics and more importantly, went on to define the genre known as alt-country. I was a fan of punk before Uncle Tupelo came along but not so much a fan of country. I have to confess that after I heard "No Depression" in 1990, I gave country music more of a chance than I ever had. There are two reasons why us fans of Uncle Tupelo are excited about this reissue: Firstly, the 2-CD set features a remastered version of the album. It sounds cleaner and packs more of a sonic punch. And it also includes for the first time on CD, the band's demo tape titled "Not Forever, Just For Now" that was released on cassette tape in 1989. Most of the songs on the demo made it on "No Depression", and if I'd heard it when it came out, I would've predicted that Uncle Tupelo were going to be huge. There's a hunger, ferocity and emotional power in the songs that really can't be denied.