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Music: February 2014 Archives

Errol's Pick

Music played a critical role in inspiring and giving voice to the civil rights movement, and one group that I associate closely with it is the mighty Staple Singers. Mavis Staples is one of the surviving members of the group that marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award nine years back. She's at Koerner Hall Friday and is guaranteed to charm and move you with her sensuous, husky voice that's full of conviction and righteousness. One True Vine is the title of her latest CD and it was produced by Jeff Tweedy of the acclaimed alt-country band Wilco. Here's what he had to say about Staples: "Mavis is the walking embodiment of undaunted spirit and courage. She's an ever-forward looking, positive example for all human beings. And she sounds like she's in the prime of her life".