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Music: September 2013 Archives

Small World Music Festival

The Roberto Lopez Afro-Colombian Jazz Orchestra does a solid job mixing jazz with various traditional rhythms from across Colombia. This is evidenced on their latest CD, "Azul" , which our music columnist Errol Nazareth talked up on the show this morning. The Orchestra is just one of 20 bands from around the globe who will be playing the 12th annual Small World Music Festival External Site happening across the city until October 6. You can see them for free at Yonge-Dundas Square Saturday afternoon.


Errol Picks Cuban

Havana D'Primera is a 14-man band from Cuba that's lighting up stages all over the world with a style of music known as timba. It's a rhythmically complex, high energy sound that has elements of salsa, jazz, rumba and reggae, and Havana D'Primera is considered one of the scene's leading lights. The band is led by Alexander Abreu, one of Cuba's best trumpeters, and he's been on a mission to save the rich legacy of Cuban dance music for the last five years.They're playing Lula Lounge Thursday and Friday and our music columnist played selections from their latest CD, Pasaporte.


Errol's Pick

Alistair Christl is a local singer and guitarist who is a fixture on our hopping roots and rockabilly scenes. He's playing the 3030 club in the Junction tomorrow and our music columnist Errol Nazareth reviewed his latest CD, "Bonnie & Clyde", on the show this morning. Christl has been playing around town for more than 12 years and has really carved out a name for himself with his solid song writing and playing. He's blessed with a gorgeous voice that beautifully complements his mellow material as well as his high-octane country and rockabilly tunes. You can see Alistair and his group "The Cosmotones" when they play the 12th edition of the Rockabilly Shake-up Friday. The Shakeups are a real blast, and the Cosmotones will be sharing the bill with Christian D & The Hangovers, another great live act who belt out punk-laced rockabilly as if their lives depended on it.