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Music: November 2012 Archives

Project Twinkle

Local 90's indie darlings King Cobb Steelie recently reissued their classic CD, "Project Twinkle", and will be playing the disc in its entirety at a highly anticipated gig tonight at the Horseshoe Tavern. Our music columnist Errol Nazareth says the band gained critical acclaim for its spacy mix of funk, reggae, and indie rock.
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Roots Of Mod

Our music columnist Errol Nazareth reviewed a 2-CD set titled "The Roots Of Mod" this morning. It features 54 songs from artists like Ray Charles, Dave Brubeck, the Dave Clark Five, and The Supremes. Incidentally, The Who, who are considered the godfathers of the modmovement, are at the Air Canada Centre Tomorrow.
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Delta Swamp Rock

"Delta Swamp Rock: More Sounds From The South 1968-75", is the title of the album our music columnist Errol Nazareth talked up on today's show. The goal of the label that released it was to explore the musical links between country, blues, rock and soul and, Errol says it did a decent job finding tracks that bring those styles together nicely.
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