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Music: June 2012 Archives

"Best In 2001"

Cassandra Wilson was widely considered to be one of the top jazz singers of the 1990s, and she recently released her 18th album, "Another Country", our music columnist Errol Nazareth brought it in.
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Her debut album was one of the major critical success stories of 2010, it was nominated for Grammy's, and topped several music critics' lists. Janelle Monae, is who our music columnist Errol Nazareth says he cannot wait to see, she will be part of the jazz festival this Friday, at Nathan Philip Square.
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Africa Meets Cuba

Afrocubism is the name of the CD Errol brought in today. Afrocubism features musicians from Mali and Cuba so the band rarely tours but they will be making their Toronto premiere on Tuesday, as part of Luminato.
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