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Stuck in Traffic: A series on commuting across the GTA

This morning, we're talking to Ed Sajecki the Commissioner of Planning and Building for the City of Mississauga, and Glenn Gumulka, Executive Director at SustainMobility, about traffic problems and solutions around new business parks. Get your questions ready!

For large companies with locations in downtown Toronto, the lure of moving to the suburbs is strong. Cheaper land and lower taxes are among the top motivators.

Stuck in TrafficMany of these businesses, from banking call centres to corporate headquarters for companies such as Pepsi Co. and Wal-Mart, are increasingly setting up shop in businesses parks. These are large groupings of offices in suburban locations, surrounded by parking lots, reachable often only by car.

But how do employees without a vehicle get to a workplace that has, at best, a tenuous connection to transit?

Stay tuned this week as Mary Wiens tells the stories of commuters with big problems and the solutions that could help. Online, find out about the Business Park Badlands. And watch CBC News Toronto at 5, 5:30, 6 for more traffic stories from Steven D'Souza.

Part 1. A Bus Shelter. Mary Wiens tells us the story of two Torontonians, their commute to Mississauga, and their campaign for a humble comfort.
Listen audio (runs 6:39)

Part 2. A Shuttle Bus. Mary Wiens will tell us about an unexpected public-private partnership.
Listen audio (runs 6:07)

Part 3. Carpooling. Mary Wiens has this story about what it will take to turn people into passengers instead of drivers.
Listen audio (runs 6:27)

Part 4. New Taxes? Matt Galloway spoke with Frank Giannone. He is president of the FRAM Building Group.
Listen audio (runs 5:18)

Part 5. Humanizing Commute. Matt Galloway spoke with Ed Sajecki. He is the Commissioner of Planning and Building for the City of Mississauga.
Listen audio (runs 6:26)

Part 6. Working From Home. Mary Wiens tells us the story of how working at home transformed one woman's life.
Listen audio (runs 6:31)

Part 7. HOV Lanes. Mary Wiens has the story of one carpool driver, and a company that is changing the rules on many levels.
Listen audio (runs 6:46)

Part 8. Bicycle Sharing. Mary Wiens tells us why a property manager who hasn't ridden a bicycle in decades decided to buy a fleet of bikes for his corporate tenants in Mississauga.
Listen audio (runs 6:56)