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"Joyless Commute"

This week, we present a new series called "Joyless Commute: the Growing Cost of the GTA's Congestion".

Today, solutions for the 905 area. Matt Galloway spoke with Gary Carr, he is the Chair of Halton Region, Bill Fisch, is the Chair and CEO of York Region, and with the Mayor of Missisauga, Hazel McCallion.
Listen audio (runs 10:04)

Yesterday, two perspectives, first Matt Galloway spoke with Iain Dobson. He is one of the authors of "A Region in Transition".
Listen audio (runs 6:14)
Then the CBC's Mary Wiens met with some teenagers and asked them how growing commute times affect the quality of their lives.
Listen audio (runs 6:30)

Wednesday, Matt Galloway spoke with Rob Dean and Kingsley Appiah-Kubi. They are two commuters who managed to cut down on gas costs through the "Shuttle program" External Site, the program launches again this spring.
Listen audio (runs 5:11)

Tuesday, the CBC's Mary Wiens told us a story about the city's grand plans to change people's travel patterns through development.
Listen audio (runs 7:03)

Monday, the CBC's Mary Wiens told us about the emotional toll on a couple of GO passengers.
Listen audio (runs 6:16)