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"Nothing For A Rainy Day"

This week is the cut-off for RRSP contributions. For many older workers, that deadline is NOT their problem. Many experienced workers who've lost their jobs are having trouble finding full-time work -- never mind setting aside money to retire. Mary Wiens brings us some of those stories in our series "Nothing for a Rainy Day: Older Workers in Ontario"

Rainy Day #1:
Older workers who are shown the door are usually out of work longer than younger people, and are likely to find only part-time work, if they're able to work at all. This morning, we meet John, who lost his job as an IT support worke, at the age of 52, and explains why it's nothing personal, that two years later, he has yet to land another full-time job.
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Rainy Day #2:
Mary Wiens brings us the tale of two people from two very different industries -- one an arts administrator and the other, a papermill quality control technician, both facing a growing bias against older workers across all sectors.This morning Mary Wiens brings us the tale of two people from two very different industries, and a growing age bias across all sectors.
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Rainy Day #3:
Today's the deadline for RSP contributions --and it couldn't matter less for people in their 50s and 60s who have nothing to set aside. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Many baby-boomers expected to retire early -- and retire well. Or to keep working -- at jobs they loved. We find out why some baby-boomers today feel they have more in common with a generation that came of age during the Depression than they have with their own parents.This morning, on our series, "Nothing for a Rainy Day", guest host Kevin Sylvester spoke about the government's suggestions about raising the age for receiving old age security, with the CBC's Mary Wiens.
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Rainy Day #4:
Employment lawyer David Whitten talks about generational conflict in the workplace as younger workers seek to sideline older colleagues who block their path to promotion. And we'll hear more why there are likely to be more layoffs of older workers this year, just before new legislation around age discrimination comes into effect.
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Rainy Day #5:
All week long, we have heard from older workers who were pushed out of their jobs, and the challenges they have faced, finding new employment. We also heard how it is getting harder to save for retirement, or to retire at all. After we aired those stories, we heard some of our listeners tales of employment tribulations through the Vox Box.
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