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Throw-away buildings

Join us all week for Mary Wiens' series Throw-away buildings: the slow-motion failure of Toronto's glass condos. Find out how style over substance could add up to hidden costs in the future, and tell us about your own experiences with condo living.

The series has generated a lot of buzz, including from a couple of people from the glass industry who wanted to weigh in. This morning, the CBC's Mary Wiens has their story.
Listen audio (runs 6:43)

Matt Galloway spoke with Mary Wiens about the series.
Listen audio (runs 6:11)

Part 1
Mary Wiens introduces us to people concerned about the hidden costs of glass walls.
Listen audio (runs 6:48)

Part 2
A developer of glass towers tells us why he will never put up another one.
Listen audio (runs 6:28)

Part 3
Mary Wiens asked some engineers about the rise, and repair, of the glass towers.
Listen audio (runs 6:38)

Part 4
Mary Wiens tours a new condominium with a young couple and their real estate agent.
Listen audio (runs 6:50)

Part 5
Mary Wiens tells us about a solution that has helped produce more efficient cars and appliances, an approach that may have potential for condominiums as well.
Listen audio (runs 6:59)