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"The Indignity of Aging: Ontario's Homecare System"

Part 1. Susan Bosak is one of thousands of middle-aged Ontarians struggling to look after an aging parent. She needed care and support. Instead, says Bosak, "What we got was a bureaucracy".
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Part 2. Mary Wiens takes a bus ride with Yvonne Greaves, a veteran home care worker. Most homecare workers live below the poverty line. Greaves' goal -- to make it a better system for both the workers and their clients.
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Yvonne Greaves
Home Care worker Yvonne Greaves
(Mary Wiens/CBC)

Part 3. Mary Wiens talked with sociologist Pat Armstrong of York University about why "women's work" -- cooking, cleaning and bathing elderly people -- is critical to good health. And why homecare is crtiical to Ontario's healthcare system..
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Part 4. Mary Wiens will be back with a view from inside the system. Stacey Daub, director of one of the largest community care access centres in the province, talks about restoring "care" to homecare.
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