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Mary Wiens

WIENS fatherhood

Two leading researchers in child development say that while many fathers around the world need support in order to have a bigger role in caregiving, some fathers can actually make things worse -- and that by understanding the impact, we can tailor social policies and programs for the fathers and children who will benefit the most. Helen Mann spoke to Mary Wiens about the research on Metro Morning's special Thanksgiving show.
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Both Sides

The tragic story of a couple whose three children were killed by a man accused of impaired driving leaves many people feeling angry at the young driver. But it leaves one man, with a connection to both families feeling compassion and sorrow for both sides. The CBC's Mary Wiens tells us that story.
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Door Knocking

Half the people who live in Jane-Finch don't speak English at home. Small wonder then that the riding of Black Creek is largely ignored during political campaigns. Mary Wiens told us the story of a handful of activists trying to send a different message which is hard to do in a riding where a lot of voters don't speak English.
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