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Celebrating International Women's Day and more...

Half The Sky
Feb 28 to Mar 26
Art Square Gallery

Celebrate International Women's Day with a month-long exhibition of five leading female contemporary artists from Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia. To be female and an Asian represents a double challenge for these unconventional visionaries, coming as they do from traditional societies and breaking into the male and western-dominated art world.

For more information, check out The East Gallery website.

A Grasp of Shadows
Mar 2 to Mar 24
Red Head Gallery

With two new installation works, Xiaojing Yan reflects on her fundamental formation in
classical Chinese art after experiencing a radical re-formation of cultural identity in the
West. Yan reinterprets two enduring Chinese ink-painting motifs--lotus and mountains--
using unconventional, humble, momentary materials: reed, rice paper, Chinese star
anise--and shadows. Her installations capture the frozen subtlety of ink-and-wash,
combine tradition and innovation, fuse expressions of East and West, and inspire an odd,
simultaneously palpable and fugitive sense.

For more information, check out the Red Head Gallery website.

The Carnegie Hall Show
Mar 2
Second City

Travel back in time with four of Toronto's finest comic minds as they celebrate the ordinary and glamourize the mundane with a celebratory look back through the ages to bring you... The Greatest Improvised Scenes Ever Performed! made up from scratch before your very eyes! The talented cast weave a story replete with witty dialogue, commercial breaks and occasional emotional breakdowns!

For more information, check out the Second City website.

Obeah Opera
Feb 22 to Mar 4
918 Bathurst

Set in the late 17th century, Obeah Opera tells a story of life and work among women silenced by the most infamous 'witch-hunt' in history. Tituba and a handful of Caribbean women imported as slaves into the American colony of Salem are arrested and accused of practicing obeah! A healing art seen only as blasphemy and witchcraft through the eyes of the local Puritans.

For more information, check out the Obeah Opera website.

Workshop: Build Your Own Terrarium and Sand Art
Mar 3
Xpace Cultural Centre

Call it an afternoon of plant therapy. They will provide potting soil, stones/glass beads, coloured sand and glass vessels (in all shapes and sizes). You bring a plant or a bunch of plants that require the same amount of water.

For more information, check out the Xpace Cultural Centre website.

Toronto Underground Market
Mar 4
Evergreen Brick Works

The event is sold out, but $15 tickets will be available at the door after 8 PM.

For more information, check out the Toronto Underground Market website.

Bollywood Night with the Toronto Raptors
Mar 2

The Toronto Raptors celebrate Bollywood for the first time ever, as they face the Memphis Grizzlies. That means free mehndi, a high-energy half-time show and Bollywood hits throughout the evening.