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June 2010 Archives

The Inbetween Time

This morning the CBC's Mary Wiens takes a look at why indigenous people are calling for an end to carbon trading.
Listen audio (runs 6:24) Part 1, June 23.
Listen audio (runs 6:26) Part 2, June 24.
Listen audio (runs 6:36) Part 3, June 25.
Listen audio (runs 6:05) Part 4, June 26.
Listen audio (runs 6:10) Part 5, June 27.

Working Man

In her new series "Working Man", the CBC's Mary Wiens tells us about the economic ties that bind Ontario farmers and migrant workers in an industry where producers fight for every penny.
Listen to part 1 audio (runs 9:27)
Listen to part 2 audio (runs 9:04)
Listen to part 3 audio (runs 8:20)
Listen to part 4 audio (runs 12:15)


Matt Galloway spoke with the CBC's Mary Wiens.
Race For Dignity Challenge 2010.External Site
Listen audio (runs 7:17)