From Jesus Christ to Ebenezer Scrooge, from Franz Kafka to The Biggest Losers....the world has always been captivated by tales of transformation, epiphany, redemption and metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is a weekly half-hour radio program that tells the story of 10 men and women who undergo life altering experiences leading to profound, fundamental personal transformation.

In some instances, the transformation comes after a long, arduous and tragic journey, like the man who went from being a Neo-Nazi skinhead to working as a peace activist, renouncing violence and preaching understanding. In others, it is literally a bolt from the blue, like the orthopedic surgeon who developed an inexplicable ability to play classical piano after being struck by lightning.

Metamorphosis is a documentary program where each week, these renewed individuals take us on their journey of personal transformation: from breakdown to breakthrough.


About the host

Richard_.jpgRichard Syrett is the host, series creator, writer, and co-producer of Metamorphosis.

Last summer, Richard created, wrote and hosted Out of Their Minds, another CBC summer documentary series which peered into the lives of inventors, Tesla wannabes, and scientific heretics.

Richard is a veteran radio and television broadcaster, having begun his career in the early 90s producing talk radio in Toronto.  By the late 90s he moved behind the microphone and continues to host his own weekly talk show, exploring alternate realities.  He also hosts and writes a documentary televison series based on his weekly radio program, called The Conspiracy Show which airs across Canada on Vision TV.

He has appeared on numerous television shows, including William Shatner's Weird or What?, Animal Planet's Freak Encounters, and The Travel Channel's Destination Fear.

He and his wife reside north of Toronto with their twin boys.