A Death in Cryptoland

When the young CEO of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is reported to have died while honeymooning in India, it sets off a cataclysmic chain of events that would leave about 76,000 people out more than a quarter of a billion dollars and a trail of conspiracy theories around whether Gerald Cotten is dead or alive

Alone: A Love Story

ALONE: A LOVE STORY is a memoir about love, the bomb and the fallout.

Asking For It

A queer contemporary take on the Goldilocks tale: about love, music, and breaking the cycle of abuse.


BRAINWASHED is a multi-part investigation into the CIA’s experiments in mind control – from the Cold War and MKULTRA to the so-called War on Terror.

CBC News: Front Burner

CBC NEWS: FRONT BURNER is an original daily news podcast hosted and produced by award-winning investigative journalist Jayme Poisson.

Chosen Family

Montreal comedians Thomas Leblanc & Tranna Wintour shine a light on the intersection of art, identity, and sexuality.

Evil By Design

Dozens of women from around the world have accused the fast-fashion mogul Peter Nygard of rape, sexual assault and human trafficking in incidents across four decades and at least four countries

Inappropriate Questions

INAPPROPRIATE QUESTIONS is a podcast that explores and deconstructs invasive questions often asked to different communities.

Life Jolt

Life Jolt - prison slang for a life sentence - examines the lives of women navigating Canada’s correctional system

Love Me

Deep down we all just want to be loved, so why is it one of the toughest things to get right?

Mic Drop

Navigating the inner lives of tweens and teens as they roll with emotional punches, chase dreams, manage relationships, and break rules, the series features first-person stories about young people— with no adult interruptions.

Missing & Murdered

CBC News’ Missing and Murdered podcast series is hosted by CBC News investigative reporter Connie Walker.

More with Anna Maria Tremonti

MORE WITH ANNA MARIA TREMONTI takes you deep into conversation — and to some unexpected places — with high-profile guests and rising stars from a variety of fields.

Other People’s Problems

Normally, therapy sessions are totally confidential — but this podcast opens the doors.

Personal Best

Turning tiny goals into grand adventures!


PlayME transforms the way audiences experience theatre by turning contemporary plays into bingeable audio dramas.

Podcast Playlist

PODCAST PLAYLIST curates the best content and stories from the podcast world.

Pop Chat

Host Elamin Abdelmahmoud and the POP CHAT panel invite you in to the group chat to help make sense of the cultural drama blowing up the internet.

Recall: How To Start A Revolution

RECALL: HOW TO START A REVOLUTION reveals the stories of “the October Crisis” through the voices of those who lived it: the bomb expert plying his nerve-wracking trade, the survivors of terror and the families of the less fortunate, the radicals themselves.

Seat at the Table

Best friends Martine St-Victor and Isabelle Racicot return with a new season of in-depth conversations with notable guests from media, sports and pop culture.

Secret Life of Canada

SECRET LIFE OF CANADA highlights the people, places and stories that probably didn't make it into your high school textbook.


SICKBOY is determined to break down the stigma associated with illness and disease.

Someone Knows Something

SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING is an original true-crime podcast examining unsolved cases of missing or murdered individuals, produced by CBC Radio One.

Tai Asks Why

Tai Poole is trying to find answers to life’s biggest questions.

The Band Played On

This investigative series unravels a complicated web of historical sexual abuse that took place over decades in a sleepy, Canadian suburb.

The Dose

THE DOSE is a weekly health podcast that separates fact from fiction — an essential public service in these fast moving times.

The Shadows

CBC Podcasts and Kaitlin Prest present THE SHADOWS, a fictional series that explores the anatomy of a relationship.

The Story Store

Run by CBC Kids hosts Mr. Orlando the Moose and Gary the Unicorn, The Story Store takes orders from real kids across Canada and turns their suggestions into hilarious, fun-filled adventures for kids, grandparents and everyone in between.

This is Not a Drake Podcast

THIS IS NOT A DRAKE PODCAST is a series that uses seminal moments in Drake’s career to explore the history and evolution of hip-hop, R&B and Black culture.

Tony Ho

TONY HO takes listeners on a journey of dark comedy.

Uncover: Bomb on Board

Ian Hanomansing and The National are joining forces with CBC Podcasts for this series, co-hosted by CBC Vancouver's Johanna Wagstaffe.

Uncover: Dead Wrong

UNCOVER: DEAD WRONG takes us through the twisting, almost unbelievable story of Glen Assoun, who spent more than 17 years in prison for the murder of Brenda Way, a crime he did not commit.

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM

NXIVM (pronounced "Nexium") calls itself a humanitarian community. Experts call it a cult.

Uncover: Satanic Panic

In the '80s, Satanic cults were believed to be preying on kids, terrorizing them in dark rituals.

Uncover: The Village

For eight years, Toronto's Gay Village worried a serial killer was operating in its midst.

Unlocking Bryson’s Brain

Bryson is a beautiful, happy and loving boy. But a mysterious illness means he can’t walk, talk, or feed himself.

West of Centre

CBC Calgary has launched a weekly political podcast called West of Centre which explores the voice, experience and misunderstanding of the western part of the country, Alberta in particular.


Each week, WIRETAP invites you to eavesdrop on a mix of funny, thoughtful and unpredictable stories and conversations.