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Art is My Country

From CBC Arts and the creators of Interrupt This Program, ten Canadian artists from different cultural backgrounds, explore their identity through dance, music, poetry, visual and performance art, and how they are redefining and reshaping Canadian art.


BUTTERFLY is about the acrimonious relationship between separated parents, Vicky and Stephen, and their division in opinion over how to support their gender variant child, Max.

Canada’s a Drag

Following a highly successful first season, the CBC Arts docuseries CANADA'S A DRAG returns with an expanded 12-episode second season that highlights a diverse array of drag queens and kings from coast to coast. Watch now: www.cbc.ca/canadasadrag

CBC Short Docs

CBC Short Docs is a series of original short documentaries produced by emerging Canadian independent documentary filmmakers for release across CBC’s digital platforms, offering emerging filmmakers an entry point to working with CBC Docs and a platform to reach Canadian and international audiences.

Devout + Out

Devout + Out is a documentary series about openly queer leaders in the church, and why they choose to stay in the institution that harmed them.

Gary and His Demons

GARY AND HIS DEMONS is an animated comedy created by and starring Mark Little, about a cantankerous, aging demon-slayer who has nothing left to lose.

How to Buy a Baby

In HOW TO BUY A BABY, 30-something couple Jane (Meghan Heffern) and Charlie (Marc Bendavid) have given up on making a baby the fun way.

Inside an Athlete’s Head

CBC Gem original series INSIDE AN ATHLETE'S HEAD (8x8) gives you unprecedented access to the thoughts, anxieties and obsessions of some of today's most celebrated athletes, in their own voices.​


Dr. Jen Gunter is fed up with pseudoscience being passed as truth. She’s here to help us understand how these popular trends are anything but harmless.


Crime drama series starring Idris Elba as Luther, a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can't always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions.

Mind Fudge

New CBC Gem original comedy Mind Fudge created by Justine Nelson and Jon Simo takes a comedic ride through Justine’s (Justine Nelson) hyper-real, 20-something imagination as she juggles life, love, and what it all means.​

My 90-Year-Old Roommate

​MY 90-YEAR-OLD ROOMMATE is a buddy comedy rooted in family and set in the madness of the modern world.

Off Kilter

Milton Frank was the ballet world’s up-and-comer who never up-and-came.


​PEN15 is middle school as it really happened, in all its R-rated glory.

Red Button

Save Me

The anthology series SAVE ME (6x10, iThentic) returns with a comedic yet poignant look at lives on the brink of a 911 emergency incident, telling the stories of people in the moment just before their lives change – often drastically – and the people who show up when all hell breaks loose.

The 410

Named after the solitary highway connecting the suburb of Brampton to the Greater Toronto Area, THE 410 centres around Suri (Supinder Wraich), a South Asian female and aspiring influencer, who turns to a life of crime to bail her truck driver father out of prison.

The Move

The Canadian Screen Award-nominated series THE MOVE returns with eight of Canada's most dynamic choreographers and the incredible stories of what makes them dance.

True Dating Stories

On True Dating Stories, the greatest dating stories ever told are reenacted by performers with all the drama, romance and comedy they deserve.

Vanity Fair


Wendy Ohata (Emily Piggford) has just made three startling realizations: One, she has a twin brother named Vincent (Kai Bradbury). Two, she’s a kami-jin - a descendent of an ancient Japanese people who can turn paper into deadly weapons. And three, there’s a kami-jin warrior named Sadako (Miho Suzuki) hunting her down for reasons she doesn’t understand.

You Can’t Ask That

Based on the hugely successful unscripted format from ABC Australia, the new documentary series offers individuals whose lives are often marginalized or misunderstood the opportunity to speak for themselves and share their experiences, yielding raw, and often surprising, insights.