Apr 27, 2012

Both shows  renewed for next season; MARKETPLACE to celebrate its 40th   anniversary

Prime-time current affairs programming   proved to be tremendously popular with Canadians in the just-wrapped 2011-2012   season according to data from the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement   (BBM).

MARKETPLACE, Canada’s consumer watchdog, earned its   highest season ratings in more than 15 years (best since 1994-95) with an   average weekly audience of more than 1.1 million viewers, a 29 per cent increase   over last season. MARKETPLACE won its time slot four times, and over the   course of the season more than 8.3 million viewers tuned in to at least some   part of the program, equivalent to almost 25 per cent of the population or about   one in four Canadians. Following this blockbuster season, Marketplace returnsin   the fall for its 40th season on CBC Television and expands to a full year, from   12 episodes to 24.

the fifth estate also posted a large jump in viewers,  boosting its ratings by 17 per cent over last season with an average weekly   audience of 677,000 and a total season viewership of 11.2 million Canadians.  Earlier this season, the fifth estate won its largest single audience in   more than a decade (1.3 million viewers) for its minute-by-minute reconstruction   of the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster.

“This has been an outstanding season for CBC News and its   investigative and current affairs programming,” said Jennifer McGuire, general   manager and editor in chief of CBC News. “The numbers speak for themselves:  Canadians are reacting to the strong, in-depth journalism that CBC News   delivers. They want much more than just the headlines and sound bites—they want   the full picture behind the big news stories, and they want to be fully informed   as consumers and as citizens.”

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