New to CBC Gem in September 2022

Aug 24, 2022

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CBC Gem original series launching in September include the world premiere of the Vancouver shot and set comedy FAKES (September 1) which follows two teenage best friends who accidentally build one of the largest fake ID empires in North America; TIFF 2022 selection LIDO TV (September 23) hosted by award-winning Colombian-Canadian musician and artist, Lido Pimienta; VIRGINS! (September 27) a dramatic comedy created by Aden Abebe about four Toronto women of East African descent stumbling through adulthood as millennials; and the dreamy animated DREAMS IN VANTABLACK (September 29), a poetic anthology of 12 short films featuring Black youth poets who reveal their truths

Acclaimed international series coming to CBC Gem in September include the third season of WWII drama DAS BOOT (September 1); UK domestic noir thriller OUR HOUSE (September 9) based on the novel by Louise Candlish; the first season of THE HISTORY OF COMEDY (September 16) featuring hilarious archival footage alongside current interviews with both comedy legends and modern stars; the second season of NOUGHTS + CROSSES (September 7) based on the novel series by Malorie Blackman; and the third season of the hit dramedy CASUAL (September 14) starring Michaela Watkins (The Dropout)

In recognition of National Truth and Reconciliation Day on Friday, September 30, CBC Gem will offer a collection featuring a variety of new documentaries including BIMIBATOO-WIN: WHERE I RAN (September 27) and THE PASSIONATE EYE - THE PRETENDIANS (September 30), with more programming to be announced

New documentaries include the premiere of OVERCOMING DEPRESSION: MIND OVER MARATHON (September 30), a two-part series that tackles the stigma around mental health; and the exclusive Canadian premieres of BURNOUT: THE TRUTH ABOUT WORK (September 16) exploring the dangers of overworking, and RHOD GILBERT: STAND UP TO SHYNESS (September 23) discussing overcoming social anxiety

The POLARIS MUSIC PRIZE GALA (September 19) returns in person with performances and the winner announcement live from the Carlu in Toronto, and the inaugural edition of THE LEGACY AWARDS (September 25) from The Black Academy co-founders Shamier Anderson and Stephan James will feature performances, award presentations, and tributes honouring both established and emerging Black Canadian talent

CBC’s fall 2022 season kicks off in September with the premieres of THE NORTH WATER (September 12), new episodes from returning favourites FAMILY FEUD CANADA (September 12), MURDOCH MYSTERIES (September 12), COMEDY NIGHT WITH RICK MERCER (September 13), the second season of STRAYS (September 13), the 30th anniversary of THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES (September 13), the third season of WAR OF THE WORLDS (September 14), DRAGONS’ DEN (September 15) and THE FIFTH ESTATE (September 29), all of which will be available on CBC Gem concurrently with their premieres on CBC TV


FAKES (10x30, YA Comedy, Reality Distortion Field, Canada)
Begins streaming Thursday, September 1
*World Premiere*

Created by David Turko and presented by CBC Gem and Netflix, FAKES is the story of two best friends who accidentally build one of the largest fake ID empires in North America. They move into a downtown penthouse, have more cash than they know what to do with, and then get raided by the feds. One of them goes to jail, the other doesn’t. This is the story of their ultimate betrayal, told through each of their POVs with regular fourth wall breaks. A comedy-drama with two unreliable narrators who are both competing for the last word, FAKES was shot and is set across Metro Vancouver. Starring Emilija Baranac (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), Jennifer Tong (Grand Army) and Richard Harmon (The 100).

From left: Rebecca (Jennifer Tong) and Zoe (Emilija Baranac) in FAKES (courtesy of David Astorga/CBC/Netflix)


LIDO TV (6x20, Variety, Lido Pimienta TV/Visitor Media, Canada)
Begins streaming Friday, September 23

Making its world premiere at TIFF 2022, LIDO TV is a variety show with a mission: to help people cope with life in a world that sometimes feels like it’s falling apart, filled with hilarious sketches, inspiring interviews, immersive documentaries, surreal animations, and puppets. At the centre of it all is host Lido Pimienta, the award-winning Colombian-Canadian musician, artist and mother whose hilarious, curious, and tender personality drives the action. The series tackles themes ranging from feminism and privilege to colonialism and success, and features appearances by Nelly Furtado; musicians Shad and Kittie; writer Sarah Hagi; NorBlack NorWhite co-founder Mriga Kapadiya; and artists jes sachse and Jessica Karuhanga.

Lido Pimienta in LIDO TV (courtesy of CBC Gem)

VIRGINS! (10x10, Comedy, Miskeen Media Inc., Canada)
Begins streaming Tuesday, September 27

Set in Toronto, virgins! is a dramatic comedy created by Aden Abebe that follows the lives of four 20-something year-old women who are too modest for the big city and too provocative for the East-African homes they come from. Doe-eyed in-betweeners, they are not just virgins in the biblical sense but in life experience as well. The show follows Aby [the Analytical-Intellectual virgin], Amina [the Apprehensive-Queer virgin], Delina [the Bride-of-Christ virgin], and Sara [the Family-Honour virgin] as they awkwardly navigate through an infinite number of adult experiences they were never prepared for: starting their careers; dodging workplace politics; dating & relationships; and of course, sex.

DREAMS IN VANTABLACK (12x4, Anthology, CBC Arts, Alkebulan Pictures/Taza Media, directed by Ian Keteku and produced by Sherien Barsoum, Canada)
Begins streaming Thursday, September 29

Twelve Black youth poets reach within to make sense of a world that has often silenced them, revealing their truths on bullying, mental health, racism and more. Told through a wide array of animation styles DREAMS IN VANTABLACK brings to life poems that teeter between disaster and a dream.

Libin Ahmed, one of the twelve poets in DREAMS IN VANTABLACK (courtesy of CBC Gem)


DAS BOOT Season 3 (10x60, Drama, Bavaria Fiction, Germany)
Begins streaming Thursday, September 1
*Exclusive Canadian Premiere*

The internationally renowned drama series DAS BOOT returns with a third season. Three thrilling and emotionally intense storylines show the cruelty and futility of War. It is spring 1943 when Robert Ehrenberg (Franz Dinda) sails out once more on an impossible mission with a very young and inexperienced CO and crew. Hunted by the revengeful British Commander Swinburne (Ray Stevenson), the crew of U-949 have to have more than just one ace up their sleeves to defy death. Hagen Forster (Tom Wlaschiha) has been assigned a mission in Lisbon during which he meets Klaus Hoffmann (Rick Okon). He is unofficially helping the US Navy to establish a connection to the Reich’s Navy via his father, Wilhelm Hoffmann (Ernst Stötzner), to end this War. In Kiel, Wilhelm’s daughter Hannie (Luise Wolfram) is stuck in a loveless marriage and the boundaries of her status and a dangerous regime and subsequently plays with fire.

Das Boot continues to impress with its plausibly atmospheric evocation of life during 1940s wartime.”
Adam Sweeting, The Arts Desk

NOUGHTS + CROSSES Season 2 (4x60, Drama, Mammoth Screen, UK)
Begins streaming Wednesday, September 7
*Exclusive Canadian Premiere*

Jack Rowan and Masali Baduza return as star-crossed lovers Callum and Sephy, now desperately attempting to flee Albion in search of a new life together, while the city they left behind ignites in the wake of Sephy's 'kidnap' and the devastating events of the first season. Season 2 dives straight back into the dangerous, alternate world of Malorie Blackman's bestselling novel series and the irresistible, forbidden love story at its heart.

“The show has opened up good, thoughtful family conversations about the nature of privilege, race, politics and the media.”
Helen Brown, The Telegraph

OUR HOUSE (4x60, Drama/Thriller, Red Planet, UK)
Begins streaming Friday, September 9
*Exclusive Canadian Premiere*

Based on the best-selling novel by Louise Candlish, OUR HOUSE is a tense, compelling thriller about the disintegration of a modern marriage and a property-obsessed society gone awry. It follows Fi Lawson (Tuppence Middleton) who arrives home one day to find removal men on her doorstep and strangers moving into her house. With all her family’s possessions and furniture nowhere to be seen, Fi believes there’s been a huge mistake and insists her home isn’t for sale. With events spiralling beyond her control, her panic rises as she can’t reach estranged husband, Bram (Martin Compston) or her two missing children. OUR HOUSE explores every couple’s worst nightmare: that you can build a life, a marriage, a home and then one day, it can all just be snatched away.

From left: Bram Lawson (Martin Compston) and Fi Lawson (Tuppence Middleton) in OUR HOUSE (courtesy of CBC Gem)

“This one has HBO-levels of sophistication and ambition, never once undermining the audience.”
Helen Daly, Radio Times

CASUAL Season 3 (13x30, Dramedy, Casual Productions, U.S)
Begins streaming Wednesday, September 14

Season 3 of Golden Globe-nominated series CASUAL opens with the whole family dealing with Charles' (Fred Melamed) death. Valerie (Michaela Watkins) decides to move out, and now she and Alex (Tommy Dewey) get used to their new life away from each other. Meanwhile, Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) plans to erase her tattoo and Dawn (Frances Conroy) makes an announcement that surprises everyone.

THE HISTORY OF COMEDY Season 1 (8x30, Comedy/Documentary, Herzog & Co and Hazy Mills Productions, U.S)
Begins streaming Friday, September 16

From stand-up and sitcoms, to late night hosts and improv troupes, THE HISTORY OF COMEDY explores what makes the comedic mind tick. Featuring hilarious archival footage alongside current interviews with both comedy legends and modern stars such as Carol Burnett, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Hayes and Conan O’Brien, to name a few examples. The series examines what makes us laugh and how comedy has affected the social and political landscape throughout history.



BURNOUT: THE TRUTH ABOUT WORK (1x50, directed by Adrian Tanner, UK)
Begins streaming Friday, September 16

*Exclusive Canadian Premiere*
Technology was supposed to free up our time to do the things we enjoy. But we are busier than ever, working longer hours, with 24/7 communication access, chasing ever-increasing targets. Why do we work, and why do we work more than ever? This film explores how overwork is killing us and destroying the planet, and reveals what we can do about it. To save ourselves, we have to return to the past and look to other cultures around the world so that we can learn to relax again.

RHOD GILBERT: STAND UP TO SHYNESS (1x60, directed by Mei Williams, UK)
Begins streaming Friday, September 23
*Exclusive Canadian Premiere*
Stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert is painfully shy. He might hide it well, but he can't even go into a cafe to buy a coffee. No joke. In fact, his social anxiety has had a massive effect on his life. And he’s far from being the only one: around 50% of us identify as being shy. In this documentary, Rhod’s going to try to find out why and what can be done. Talking to fellow shy comedian Greg Davies, other shy sufferers, and scientists, Rhod comes up with a radical solution for how we can all stand up to shyness.

BIMIBATOO-WIN: WHERE I RAN (1x22, directed by Erica Daniels, Canada) 
Begins streaming on Tuesday, September 27 as part of the Truth and Reconciliation Collection
Seventy-five year-old Charlie Bittern, a Residential School Survivor, remembers the harsh journey he was forced to run at the age of 19 in the midst of Manitoba’s brutal blizzard of 1967. Charlie will embark on the same journey alongside his family and walk the 80 kms to heal from his past and spread awareness for all Residential School Survivors and the children who never made it home.

THE PASSIONATE EYE - THE PRETENDIANS (1x60, directed by Drew Hayden Taylor and Paul Kemp, Canada) 
Begins streaming on Friday, September 30 on CBC Gem and on CBC TV at 9 p.m. as part of the Truth and Reconciliation Collection
Anishinaabe author, humourist and playwright, Drew Hayden Taylor, tackles one of the most controversial topics in the world today: What does it mean to be Indigenous and who is entitled to claim that identity.

Begins streaming Friday, September 30
*Canadian English Language Exclusive Premiere*
One in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem, yet despite being so widespread, people rarely talk openly or candidly about it. For those who have these difficulties, this stigma can exacerbate their situation and make it harder to recover. In this two-part series, a group of ten unlikely runners living with or affected by different mental health issues train for the ultimate test of mind over matter. They'll compete in one of the world's most famous endurance races - the London Marathon. Mental and physical health is closely linked, and taking up sport or exercise can benefit our psychological well-being, but this is no easy ride. Nick Knowles is on a personal mission to get the runners across the finishing line and leads a team of running experts, nutritionists and psychologists. The runners are running in the London Marathon for Heads Together, a campaign set up by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry to tackle the stigma around mental health.


ISLANDS (1x94, Drama, directed by Martin Edralin, Canada)
Begins streaming Thursday, September 1
*Exclusive Canadian Premiere*

Nominated in three categories at the 2022 Canadian Screen Awards, this coming-of-middle-age film follows a timid Filipino immigrant struggling with the care of an elderly parent while managing his first experience with love. ISLANDS, which premiered at SXSW in 2021, is the debut feature from Filipino-Canadian filmmaker Martin Edralin, who wrote, directed, and produced the film. Based in Toronto, Edralin is an alumnus of TIFF Filmmaker Lab ’19 and TIFF Studio ’18, and his short film EMMA was named to TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten list in 2016.

From left: Alma (Vangie Alcasid), Joshua (Rogelio Balagtas) and Reynaldo (Esteban Comilang) in ISLANDS (courtesy of CBC Gem)

“There are great things to be found in little packages, and Islands offers tremendous evidence of that.”
Barry Hertz, The Globe and Mail

ANNE AT 13,000 FT (1x75, Drama, directed by Kazik Radwanski, Canada)
Begins streaming Saturday, September 9
*Exclusive Canadian Premiere*

Anne (Deragh Campbell, I Used To Be Darker) has a seemingly ordinary and stable life as a single daycare worker in Toronto. But after an overwhelming skydiving trip for her best friend Sara's bachelorette party, the ground shifts beneath Anne's feet. She starts to bring a care-free joyfulness to her conservative job, the effects of which spill over into her personal life. At Sara's wedding, Anne meets Matt (Matt Johnson, Operation Avalanche) who takes to her offbeat, confrontational charms, but she soon finds herself pushing the limits of what's socially acceptable. ANNE AT 13,000 FT is a rigorous, volatile portrait of a young woman struggling to come down to earth. Winner of the Rogers Award for Best Canadian Film at the 2021 Toronto Film Critics Association Awards and Winner of the Platform Prize – Honorable Mention at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

“This delicate character study is constructed with engrossing naturalism in a film that cares less about telling a story than following nuances of mood.”
Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

OUR LOVED ONES (LES ÊTRES CHERS) (1x102, Drama, directed by Anne Émond, Canada)
Begins streaming Friday, September 16

Guy's tragic death is a shock for the Leblanc family. For many years, the real cause of his death is kept hidden from some members of the family, including his son David (Maxim Gaudette). The latter in turn starts his own family with his wife Marie (Valerie Cadieux). He lovingly raises his children Laurence (Karelle Tremblay) and Frédéric (Simon Bérubé), but deep within him harbours a lingering melancholy. Nominated for seven Canadian Screen Awards.

HONEY BEE (1x120, Drama, directed by Rama Rau, Canada)
Begins streaming Saturday, September 17 on CBC Gem and on CBC TV at 9 p.m. (10 AT, 10:30 NT, 11 PT) 

HONEY BEE is an unpredictable tale of survival that follows the journey of quick-witted Natalie “Honey Bee” Sorensen (Julia Sarah Stone), an underage truck stop sex worker trapped by her ruthless Romeo-pimp boyfriend, Ryan (Steven Love), until she is transplanted into foster care with her new family headed by Louise (Martha Plimpton) and Christian (Peter Outerbridge) in remote Northern Ontario where she discovers there might be more to life than the hand she’s been dealt.  

BOYS VS GIRLS (1x80, Comedy, directed by Michael Stasko, Canada)
Begins streaming Friday, September 23

It’s the summer of 1990, and Camp Kindlewood is forced to go co-ed for the first time in its 77 year history, sparking a prank-filled battle of the sexes. Starring Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall), Shaun Benson (The Boys), Nia Roam (The Boys), and Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway?).

THE REST OF US (1x80, Drama, directed by Aisling Chin-Yee, Canada)
Begins streaming Friday, September 30

Cami Bowden (Heather Graham) really has her life together. She has finally picked up the pieces from her divorce with her ex-husband, Craig, 10 years earlier, and established a successful career as a children’s book writer. She bought and renovated her dream home in a small town north of her former home city and is busy raising her daughter, Aster (Sophie Nélisse), a first-year university student. But when Craig dies unexpectedly of a heart attack, the perfect life Cami has created begins to unravel.


Streaming September 19, 2022 on CBC Gem at 8 p.m. ET

The Polaris Music Prize awards $50,000 to the Canadian artist who produces the best album of the year, judged solely on artistic merit, without consideration for genre or record sales. Streaming live from the Carlu in Toronto, the 2022 Polaris Gala will feature live musical performances from the nominated acts on the Polaris short list, and will announce the winner of the 2022 Polaris Music Prize.

THE LEGACY AWARDS (1x90, Awards Show, Insight Productions [a Boat Rocker Company] and Bay Mills Studios)
Streaming September 25, 2022 on CBC Gem and on CBC TV at 8 p.m. (9 AT/9:30 NT)

The inaugural edition of The Black Academy’s award show, The Legacy Awards, is the first major Canadian award show to celebrate and showcase Black talent and will be broadcast from Live Nation Canada’s newest entertainment venue HISTORY, in Toronto’s east end. The live 90-minute telecast will feature performances, award presentations, and tributes honouring both established and emerging Black Canadian talent. The Black Academy is co-founded by Scarborough natives Shamier Anderson (John Wick: Chapter 4) and Stephan James (If Beale Street Could Talk).


MALORY TOWERS Season 2 (Episodes 14-26, 13x30, Tween, King Bert Productions and WildBrain Studios, UK and Canada)
Begins streaming Thursday, September 1

*Episodes 14-26 only; episodes 1-13 available now*
Based on the books by Enid Blyton, MALORY TOWERS welcomes Darrell Rivers and her chums back for their second form. Adventure, fun and boarding school antics are back in full swing, with midnight feasts, classroom tricks and lasting friendship.

THE NEXT STEP Season 1 (30x30, Tween, Temple Street Productions, Radical Sheep Productions and Boat Rocker Studios, Canada)
Begins streaming Friday, September 2

THE NEXT STEP follows the lives of a group of elite dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio as they work to win the regional competition. The tightly knit team of A-Troupe dancers train, rehearse and hang out within a well-established social order led by star dancer Emily and her group of friends, the E-Girls. When a talented new girl, Michelle, joins the team, the hierarchy of the studio is brought into question. With the regional championships fast approaching, the A-Troupe needs to come together and resolve their issues if they want to win regionals and qualify for the national title.

JEREMY AND JAZZY (26x2 and 1x11, Kids, Vérité Films, Canada)
Begins streaming Monday, September 5

JEREMY AND JAZZY is a new children’s animated television, music, and multi-platform brand about how feelings become songs, songs become stories and how music and friendship create joy. The series brings to life a new collection of children’s music written by three-time JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter, Jeremy Fisher. The series stars Jeremy Fisher (Jeremy) and award-winning artist, Aiza Ntibrarikure (Jazzy). It’s set in Creation Station — a world that comes alive through the magic of music.


CBC’s fall 2022 season kicks off in September with the premieres of THE NORTH WATER (September 12), new episodes from returning favourites FAMILY FEUD CANADA (September 12), MURDOCH MYSTERIES (September 12), COMEDY NIGHT WITH RICK MERCER (September 13), the second season of STRAYS (September 13), the 30th anniversary of THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES (September 13), the third season of WAR OF THE WORLDS (September 14), DRAGONS’ DEN (September 15) and THE FIFTH ESTATE (September 29), all of which will be available on CBC Gem concurrently with their premieres on CBC TV.




- IN MY SKIN Season 2
- THE NEXT STEP Season 2
- SMOTHER Season 2
- BITTEN Season 1, 2 and 3