Feb 15, 2018

New and returning CBC Original podcasts span arts, comedy, personal memoir, medicine, science,
self-improvement and true crime including new seasons of Someone Knows Something
and CBC News’ acclaimed Missing & Murdered with Connie Walker


With over 300 million podcast downloads since April 2016*, CBC today announced a new slate of CBC ORIGINAL PODCASTS for Winter 2018, including returning favourites ALONE: A LOVE STORY (Season 2), ON DRUGS (Season 2), CBC NEWS’ MISSING & MURDERED (Season 2) and a new season of true crime hit SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING (Season 4), with over 50 million downloads for the series since April 2016. New original podcasts include PERSONAL BEST, a humorous journey into self-improvement, and OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS, a fly-on-the wall podcast of real-life therapy sessions.





Launches February 6, 2018, as 1 x weekly episodes at cbc.ca/originalpodcasts

When a package arrived in the mail at Wayne Greavette’s Ontario home, it seemed like an early gift for the holidays. Inside was a wrapped present and a typewritten letter, the postscript reading, “Have a very Merry Christmas and may you never have to buy another flashlight.” But when Wayne Greavette turned the flashlight on, it exploded, killing him instantly. More than 20 years later, Wayne’s wife, son and daughter are still trying to recover from the moment that destroyed their lives.  Along with host David Ridgen, they’re determined to find the culprit.

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​cbc.ca/sks, @skscbc, @dridgen


ON DRUGS - Season 2 (12X40)

Launches February 13, 2018, as 1 x weekly episodes at cbc.ca/originalpodcasts

Host Geoff Turner explores the complicated relationship we have with drugs, from caffeine to cocaine, from ibuprofen to ayahuasca. The stakes are higher in season two, as Canada moves to legalize marijuana.

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cbc.ca/ondrugs, @geoff_turner


PERSONAL BEST - New podcast series (10x30)

Launches February 14, 2018, as 1 x weekly episodes at cbc.ca/originalpodcasts

Personal Best is a non-fiction comedy podcast about self-improvement. Each week hosts Rob Norman and Andrew Norton tackle a weird, eccentric or petty everyday hang-up that people would be too embarrassed to ask for help from an actual life coach. The hosts try their darndest to help listeners achieve their goals using uplifting, empowering, good-intentioned but often strange activities.

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MISSING & MURDERED: FINDING CLEO - Season 2 (10x30-55)

Launches March 7, 2018, with 2-3 x weekly episodes at cbc.ca/originalpodcasts

They know she was taken from them. They thought she'd been murdered. But all they know for sure is that she's still missing. In the early 1970s, Cleo Nicotine Semaganis and her five siblings were apprehended by child welfare authorities in Saskatchewan. The children were adopted into white families across North America. All but one of the siblings have reconnected and have been told various mysterious stories about what happened to Cleo, but they can't find her. Host Connie Walker joins the search.

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ALONE: A LOVE STORY - Season 2 (10x20-30)

Launches with all 10 episodes April 4, 2018 at cbc.ca/originalpodcasts

In the first season of Alone: A Love Story, Michelle Parise took listeners on a journey from new love, marriage and baby through to betrayal and loneliness. In season 2, audiences will hear wild tales of even wilder nights, including a blur of booze and men as she tries to forge a new life out of grief and bad decisions, all while still being maddeningly entwined with The Ex-husband. It's rock bottom. And yet, no matter how many times love kicks her in the shins, Michelle doesn't give up on hope or on herself. The only thing to do once she’s hit bottom is to swim back up.

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OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS New podcast series (9x25-30)

Launches April 10, 2018 with 3 x weekly episodes at cbc.ca/originalpodcasts

Real people, real problems, real talk — therapy sessions are normally totally confidential, but this podcast opens the doors. Clinical counsellor Hillary McBride overcame an eating disorder thanks to counselling. Many years later, she believes therapy can change lives. McBride and her clients want to help demystify mental health. No actors, auditions or artifice — this is what people really sound like when they talk about traumatic births, turbulent divorces, eating disorders and tough childhoods. Be a fly-on-the wall in real-life therapy sessions and understand how it can be a crucial tool in good mental health.


CBC ORIGINAL PODCASTS is a collection of premium podcasts at the forefront of innovation, storytelling and sound design, winning audiences and accolades internationally. A leader in Canadian podcasting, CBC’s podcasts have amassed over 300 million downloads from April 2016 to December 2017*.



*Source: Sumo Logic





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