CBC British Columbia Proudly Launches New Podcast on Gender Identity

Jun 22, 2020

CBC British Columbia Proudly Launches New Podcast on Gender Identity 

They & Us available today


Vancouver, B.C, June 22, 2020 - CBC British Columbia today released an original podcast exploring gender identity, gender expression and what it means to be non-binary. They & Us is hosted by journalist Wil Fundal; they will guide the listener through the world of preferred pronouns, trans rights and the quest for everyone to be recognized for who they are. 


Each episode of They & Us shares the unique story of a British Columbian’s personal experience of being non-binary and their never ending ‘coming out’ story. They & Us is available now and can be downloaded on all podcast hosting services. 


“I am so proud of this podcast and honoured to be able to share these very personal stories from LGBTQ2S+ folks from across British Columbia,” says CBC’s Wil Fundal, host of They & Us. “Non-binary and trans people don't just live in larger cities like Vancouver or Toronto. They're your co-workers, classmates, neighbours and friends. I hope They & Us helps listeners find answers to some of their questions, challenge their assumptions about gender and sex, and better understand people through relatable lived experiences."  


“As the Canadian public broadcaster, we have the privilege and responsibility to share the stories of marginalized communities and give them a voice,” says Shiral Tobin, Director, Journalism and Programming CBC, British Columbia. “We have been an ally to the non-binary, trans and LGBTQ+ communities in British Columbia for a long time and this podcast is an opportunity for us all to learn about gender identity, and to learn more about each other. It feels like a culmination of the trust we have built in the community over the years, from marching in Pride Parades to covering LGBTQ+ issues through an honest lens and quality journalism.”


They & Us is produced by Andrew Kurjata and hosted by Wil Fundal. It can be found on CBC Listen, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast streaming platforms. For more information go to cbc.ca/theyandus




Episode 1: Pronouns in a pandemic

When you’re facing a health crisis, does it really matter if the doctor gets your pronouns wrong? Musician Rae Spoon thinks so, and they’re fighting for change while also fighting cancer.


Episode 2: What kind of man do you want to be?

Harper Perrin grew up believing the only moral way for them to live was as a straight man. Eventually, they found acceptance as a gay man in a loving relationship, but something still didn’t feel right.


Episode 3: Riots for your rights 

Gender neutral bathrooms, preferred pronouns, Trans rights. Sex and gender has become a flashpoint for heated political debates, but how did we get here?


Episode 4: Raven transforms

From a Haida legend about Raven to modern day sitcoms, using language and culture to talk about gender. 


Episode 5: Transitioning isn’t fun

A conversation with a trans individual about what they wish more people knew about the experience. 


Episode 6: Family ties

When Brynn Hanks came out as a lesbian, his parents welcomed the news. The same thing happened when he told them he was bisexual. But when he realizes he was transgender, he hit a stone wall of disapproval. How to be supportive even if you don’t understand.




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