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If you are an audience member looking to provide feedback or ask questions about our programming, please contact CBC Audience Services.

Contacting CBC News
The CBC PR team does not manage any CBC News stories. If you have a breaking news tip or local story to send us, your first stop is your regional newsroom. Using a desktop or mobile device, navigate to, and access the “All Regions” section via the drop-down menu. Once you click on your region, you will be taken to that region’s news page. Click on "Contact Us " near the top of the regional page, where you will find information on how to contact the news desk, submit news tips, and more.

You can also submit your story to CBC's Go Public – an investigative news segment that holds the powers that be accountable.


To request press materials on CBC English Services programming for your publication or program, please contact:

Katherine Wolfgang

Head of Public Relations

Simon Bassett

Team Lead, Public Relations

Nicola Makoway

Publicist (CBC News & Current Affairs, CBC Radio One and CBC Documentary)

Elizabeth Reid

Publicist (Entertainment)

Teaghan Hawke

Publicist (Entertainment)

Sarah Goddard

Publicist (Entertainment)

Tanya Koivusalo

Publicist (Sports & Entertainment)

Postal Address

PO Box 500 Stn A, Toronto, ON, M5W 1E6

Shipping / Courier Adress

205 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3G7

For requests related to bios and program pages including updates, edits, and high res images, please use the form below: