'The Medium is the Message' is arguably one of Marshall McLuhan's most famous brain-twisting phrases - also called McLuhanisms. We've taken a bunch of McLuhanisms and mixed them up below. With the help of McLuhan's own voice, it's up to you to re-arrange the words into their correct - and puzzling - order.

The daily Audio Puzzle Contest, is now closed. Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who played and helped put McLuhan's message back together again. If you didn't have a chance before, you can still play the puzzles but now they’re just for fun.

Long after the puzzle is done McLuhan will be sure to stir your mind. Who knows, you might even gain new insights in the rewording!

The puzzles are built in HTML5 (with the help of our friends at the Mozilla Foundation), and you will need the latest browser editions of Firefox or Chrome to play it (you may be frustrated when trying it with Safari or Internet Explorer).

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Contest Winners

Congratulations to our contest winners, listed below. They've each won a $100 gift card for Chapters Indigo!

Ilona Biro of Toronto, Ontario
Francine Fogel of Toronto, Ontario
Patrick Frechette of Plumas, Manitoba
Robin Seeger of North Vancouver, BC
Linda Webster of Surrey, BC