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Battle of the Food Delivery Apps

It’s a battle among the top three food apps: UberEats, Skip The Dishes, and Foodora. We test these delivery giants for speed, cost, and hidden mark-ups. It’s big business, about $2.5 billion worth and growing. The technology is easy to use and foodies can order from endless local restaurants. So, what’s not to devour? Deliveries are late. Meals arrive cold and others ruffled up in transport. Dishes are missing and sometimes the entire order doesn’t show up. On top of all that, many of us aren't aware of the actual costs. There are hidden fees that even savvy users miss. So who’s responsible? Is it the couriers, the mobile apps, the restaurants or our desire for convenience and instant gratification?

There's a lot to consider when choosing a food app — from delivery time to the buried fees you could be paying. What matters to you? Take our poll.

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