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Won’t Get Fooled Again

At Marketplace, we've revealed just about every kind of scam there is — it's our job as Canada's consumer watchdog. And yet week after week, our mailbag is overflowing with stories of Canadians getting ripped off by the same old cons. Why do Canadians keep falling victim, over and over again?

In Won't Get Fooled Again, our special season finale episode on April Fool's Day, we're turning the tables on our viewers – and for the first time ever, Marketplace will be running the scams instead of exposing them. And instead of grilling the bad guys, we will be confronting the "victims" with one simple question: "Why do you fall for it?"

The show also features interviews with real-life con artists to give viewers an inside look at the anatomy of a swindle. And we reveal the simple but effective psychological tricks they use to rope in their victims — the clever behavioural tactics that have been used time and again to rope in everyone from teens to octogenarians.

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