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Lousy Labels

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How many personal care products have you used today? Shampoo, deodorant, lotion, makeup, diapers, baby wipes, etc. — the products add up, and so do the chemicals.

That's why about 64 per cent of us say we're using more "natural" items. But how can you tell if a product is really natural or organic?

Marketplace takes a closer look at some of the green labelling on personal care products. We discover that many of those natural and organic labels are often misleading or exaggerating their claims.

It turns out that labels such as "natural" and even "organic" are not regulated. They're just marketing terms.

Some of the "so-called" natural products on the market are no different than the regular, often cheaper brands.

Erica Johnson separates the truly green products from the "greenwashed" — products that look green, but really aren't — in our top ten countdown of the most misleading natural products.

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