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Episode 47x01 Marketplace is back with a new season

Save the date! Our season premiere airs Friday, September 27th at 8 p.m. / 8:30 p.m. NT. You can watch it on CBC TV, Gem or YouTube. We're excited to show you what we've been working on, as our team of investigative journalists puts everyday products and services to the test.

Episode 47x01 Where does your recycling really end up?

Marketplace producers go undercover overseas and pose as recycling brokers to expose the lucrative plastic waste business. We reveal that companies are willing to break the law to buy Canadian plastic and show how some of it is dumped and burned in illegal landfills, where the toxic fumes and run-off is making people sick. Back in Canada, we buy nine tonnes of plastic and secretly track where big companies are taking it. Will it actually get recycled?


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Episode 46x01 Scam Centres

Marketplace tracks the scammers behind one of the biggest cyber-crime schemes in Canadian history - those fake CRA phone calls. Tens of thousands of Canadians scammed out of hundreds of millions of dollars. So, who’s really behind the scheme? David Common travels to India to catch the fraudsters. We track down two illegal call centres and find out the RCMP could be doing more to bust the scammers.

Episode 46x02 Home Hack: How safe are your high-tech security devices?

Smart Homes allow automated control of everything from lights and locks to curtains and cameras, TVs and temperature, with the promise of increased convenience and security — but Marketplace reveals the more devices you have, the more vulnerable you could be. In this episode, we find families whose security cameras are streaming live on the internet, showing them in real time how they are being watched by strangers around the world.


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Episode 44x01 The Ticket Game: Why you can’t get a good seat

Is the fix in for the fans? Marketplace is back with a whole new season, uncovering why many of you can’t get a ticket to see your favourite band. We go backstage with industry insiders to expose the Tragically Hip Ticket debacle.


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Episode 42x01 Canada’s Dumbest Charge

We're back with a whole new season. And to kick it off, we're on the hunt for Canada's Dumbest Charge.

Episode 42x02 Gluten-free: The Truth Behind the Trend

Is gluten-free better for you? Tom Harrington investigates The Truth Behind the Trend. And the votes are in! We reveal which fee you chose as Canada's Dumbest Charge.


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Episode 41x01 Barking Mad

In our season premiere, Marketplace is sniffing out the truth about veterinary bills across Canada.

Episode 41x02 Movin’ Day Showdown

Tom Harrington tackles shady moving companies who seem to operate outside the law.


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Episode 39x01 Spinning A Pill (Update)

We update a story we first reported last year on the potential risk of popular birth control pills.


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Episode 38x00 Busted: Visa Gift Card

We’ve heard many complaints from viewers about a certain kind of gift card that are issued by banks.

Episode 38x01 Big Gym Ripoff

Have sneaky charges and over-billing by your gym made your bank account the biggest loser?


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Episode 0x00 Busted: Easyhome

Many Canadians are unable to buy with cash or credit, so they turn to rent-to-own leasing companies like easyhome.

Episode 37x01 Grow-Op Cover-Up

We team up with contractor Mike Holmes to put home inspectors to the test. Will they spot the glaring signs of a former grow-op?


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Episode 36x01 New Home Nightmares

Mike Holmes and Wendy Mesley visit families whose dream homes went horribly wrong.

Episode 36x02 The Secret History of Cars

If you're searching for the secret history of a used car, don't put all your trust in one vehicle history report.


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Episode 35x01 Condo Crunch

Buying a condo is fraught with risk for you, the buyer. The developers? They're pretty well protected.

Episode 35x03 Health Check: Hyping Health

Why the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check products may not be the healthiest choice.

Marketplace archives

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Episode 0x00 Dental fraud

Improvements in dental care has meant less work for dentists, but the number of dentists is increasing. This has lead to growing concern about dental fraud, in which dentists might bill for unnecessary work.

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