Money Tips: Stash Your Cash

Seems everyone is watching their money this time of the year. So we reveal three ways to keep your money in your pocket, from a tourist fee you may not have to pay to bank discounts they may not be telling you about to questionable warranties.

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Plane Wrong

From lost luggage to lengthy delays to oversold flights, who's looking out for you when you fly in Canada? Tom Harrington reveals the rights you have as a passenger when things go plane wrong - and when airlines won't give you the straight goods.

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Up In The Air & Strange Brew

Nearly 60% of Canadians have tried an adventure sport like rock climbing, parasailing or ziplining. But those adventure sports can lead to terrifying misadventure... or worse.

What's really behind that waiver you had to sign? Who's looking out for you when you’re left Up in the Air?

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You’re Not Covered

You think you're covered... but what if you're not? Ordinary Canadians are in financial ruin after discovering they lacked the coverage they thought they were paying for.

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The Busted Edition

We're on the trail of false claims, rounding up big names with their hands in your pockets.

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Tripped Up

Marketplace exposes travel health insurance, an industry that's set up to fail.

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