Brain Training: Mind Games

In a powerful journey into the world of memory, Tom Harrington explores the fears of many Canadians, and his own, when it comes to memory loss. Having lost his parents and father-in-law to Alzheimer’s, Tom puts himself, and an industry, to the test. From popular brain training games to new technology that claims to improve brain function, he examines the promises and pitfalls of a multi-billion-dollar business in his most personal investigation yet.

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DNA testing: Gene Genie

If you could see into the future and find out if you’ll get sick, would you want to know? What would you do? What would you change? We investigate home DNA kits. They promise you insight into your medical makeup. For little money or trouble, companies say they can examine your genes and predict your risk of everything from cancer to heart disease. But what’s the real cost of these tests when it comes to your privacy? And how accurate are they anyway?

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Online reviews: Faking It

This week, we're faking out fake reviews. We reveal an entire industry devoted to helping businesses mislead you. We reveal how cheaters pull it off, and how you can spot a faker.

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The Trouble With Turkeys & Spot Check: Social Media

Erica Johnson investigates turkey and reveals the darker side of white meat. Undercover footage shows what one activist calls "the worst abuse I've ever seen inflicted on an animal," raising troubling questions about animal welfare on Canadian farms. Also, Tom Harrington enlists a popular prankster to surprise Canadians with personal information they've shared on social media. How exposed are you on social media?

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A Shock To The System

It's a little machine that can make the difference between life and death, but are publicly accessible defibrillators really that accessible?

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Pump Fiction

Does more expensive premium gas really make your car perform better?

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The Busted Edition

In its season finale, Marketplace expands on its popular "Busted" segment with an hour-long special, The Busted Edition.

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GPS Distraction

More than one million GPS devices were sold in Canada last year. But are they a safe way for drivers to find their way?

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Generation Cellphone

Wendy Mesley reveals new evidence about possible health risks facing the newest generation of cellphone users: children

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