Are you being served? Do self-service machines benefit consumers?

Scanning your own groceries, booking your travel, printing your own tickets, selecting your own seats. It’s not just about convenience: We’re doing a lot of work ourselves that companies used to do for us. But while we’re doing the work, are we seeing the savings?

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Shrinking products: Grocery Games

Tired of bringing home the bacon only to find that there's less bacon in the package than there used to be? We're looking at the Grocery Games that manufacturers play. Tom Harrington reveals the five ways that companies get you to pay more for less, and why you may never know it.

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Checkout Charity: Doing Good, Feeling Bad

We dig into two common checkout complaints: being put on the spot for charitable donations and poor customer service. Tom Harrington investigates the practice of so-called “checkout charity.” Some of the country’s biggest retailers are asking for your donations at the cash, even though many Canadians say they don’t like it. So why do companies do it? Who’s it helping? In Doing Good, Feeling Bad, we raise some big questions about those little charitable donations.

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Online reviews: Faking It

This week, we're faking out fake reviews. We reveal an entire industry devoted to helping businesses mislead you. We reveal how cheaters pull it off, and how you can spot a faker.

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Natural remedy or ripoff?

Natural cure ... or waste of cash? This week, in Remedy or Ripoff?, Tom and Erica check out four natural products to see if the science lives up to the hype.

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Point Of No Returns

Marketplace puts retailers' return policies to the test. We teach three Canadians the secrets of negotiation - then challenge them to do successful returns. We reveal what it takes to get past the point of no returns.

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Wrap Rage Awards

Had it with frustrating packaging? Tape, twist-ties, impossible-to-open plastic... we asked for your nominations for Canada's most frustrating package and now we're handing out the first-ever Wrap Rage awards!

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Price Wars

It’s no surprise that Canadians pay more than our friends south of the border for some items, including how we're being shut out of cheaper US car prices. You’ll never believe what we find on our cross border shop-a-thon.

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What’s The Deal?

If a deal seems too good to be true... then it probably is. We delve in Dealfind, the largest Canadian-based e-retailer. It claims to offer unbeatable deals... so why are so many people not getting what they paid for?

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Price Tag Confidential

Marketplace investigates shocking secrets about pricey cosmetics, the massive mark-up on hearing aids and the real reason we pay more than Americans for everything.

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Why are prescription eyeglasses so darned expensive?

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Busted: Visa Gift Card

We’ve heard many complaints from viewers about a certain kind of gift card that are issued by banks.

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Penny Pain

Enjoying the GST cut? Of course you are. The bad news is that you're not getting all the pennies you're entitled to.

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