Pet Safety: Paws for Concern

We love our pets. And we spend big bucks to keep them safe and healthy. But do the things we buy really work? Marketplace investigates pet safety products, putting them to the test and revealing why they could put your pet, and your family, at risk.

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Barking Mad

In our season premiere, Marketplace is sniffing out the truth about veterinary bills across Canada.

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Fighting For Fido

Questions about a popular dog treat, and a mysterious illness making thousands of dogs sick.

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Back on the Case

We follow up on some of our favourite stories. See what's changed, and who's been busted since we "Busted" them.

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How Not to Buy a Puppy

How much do you know about that puppy in the window? As Wendy Mesley reports, some store-bought puppies may have a sick and secret history.

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