Dumb Charge Countdown

This week, we're looking for at dumb charges that you hate to pay. Got a fee you're sick of forking over? Let us know; we're going to continue to look at all the ways you get nickel and dimed. We're on Twitter talking about frustrating fees, too. Find us @cbcmarketplace using the hashtag #dumbcharge.

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Busted: Easyhome

Many Canadians are unable to buy with cash or credit, so they turn to rent-to-own leasing companies like easyhome.

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Easy Loans: Uneasy Money

Canadians are taking on record levels of household debt, and money is top of mind for many trying to tighten their belts. But if you need cash, are companies being clear about what you're signing up for?

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Checkout Charity: Doing Good, Feeling Bad

We dig into two common checkout complaints: being put on the spot for charitable donations and poor customer service. Tom Harrington investigates the practice of so-called “checkout charity.” Some of the country’s biggest retailers are asking for your donations at the cash, even though many Canadians say they don’t like it. So why do companies do it? Who’s it helping? In Doing Good, Feeling Bad, we raise some big questions about those little charitable donations.

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Money Tips: Stash Your Cash

Seems everyone is watching their money this time of the year. So we reveal three ways to keep your money in your pocket, from a tourist fee you may not have to pay to bank discounts they may not be telling you about to questionable warranties.

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Show Me The Money

It's tax season, and Marketplace is putting financial advisors - the people you trust with your cash - to the test. We talk to ordinary Canadians who've felt the bite of bad financial advice, and take hidden cameras as we shop around for money advice from some big institutions. PLUS: we bring you the whole grain truth about Subway's bread.

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Price Wars

It’s no surprise that Canadians pay more than our friends south of the border for some items, including how we're being shut out of cheaper US car prices. You’ll never believe what we find on our cross border shop-a-thon.

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Hospital Parking Pain

We investigate the costs of parking at hospitals in Canada, find who's really making money off those lots and how it's affecting ordinary Canadians.

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Price Tag Confidential

Marketplace investigates shocking secrets about pricey cosmetics, the massive mark-up on hearing aids and the real reason we pay more than Americans for everything.

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Busting The Banks

Marketplace reveals three sneaky ways the banks fatten their profits at your expense.

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Dental fraud

Improvements in dental care has meant less work for dentists, but the number of dentists is increasing. This has lead to growing concern about dental fraud, in which dentists might bill for unnecessary work.

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The Busted Edition

In its season finale, Marketplace expands on its popular "Busted" segment with an hour-long special, The Busted Edition.

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