Shrinking products: Grocery Games

Tired of bringing home the bacon only to find that there's less bacon in the package than there used to be? We're looking at the Grocery Games that manufacturers play. Tom Harrington reveals the five ways that companies get you to pay more for less, and why you may never know it.

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Drugstore remedies: Licence to Deceive

It’s the kind of drugstore remedy that sounds great: Nighton says it relieves kids’ fever, pain and inflammation, with no side effects and no dyes. It’s even licensed by Health Canada as safe and effective, a powerful stamp of approval that gives parents extra peace of mind. And yet, there is absolutely no scientific proof Nighton works as it has no active ingredients. In fact, Nighton is really nothing. We know: We made it up.

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Healthy food or lousy labels? Food Fiction

No doubt you've spotted them in the grocery store: Food with labels that claim to be a healthier choice. But are those claims supported by the facts or are they really just Food Fiction?

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Orange juice: Juicy Secrets

About two-thirds of us have bought premium orange juice in the past six months, many convinced by claims of pure and natural juice, which make it seem like oranges fall off the tree into the carton. But that’s not the whole story.

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Natural remedy or ripoff?

Natural cure ... or waste of cash? This week, in Remedy or Ripoff?, Tom and Erica check out four natural products to see if the science lives up to the hype.

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Gluten-free: The Truth Behind the Trend

Is gluten-free better for you? Tom Harrington investigates The Truth Behind the Trend. And the votes are in! We reveal which fee you chose as Canada's Dumbest Charge.

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Lousy Labels

Erica Johnson separates the truly green products from the "greenwashed" — products that look green, but really aren't.

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