Busted: Easyhome

Many Canadians are unable to buy with cash or credit, so they turn to rent-to-own leasing companies like easyhome.

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Faulty Appliances: Repairmen Unplugged

Fed up with an appliance on the fritz? Wondering why they just don’t last like they used to? Considering buying a major appliance or picked one up during Boxing Week sales? We kick off 2015 by revealing five secrets appliance makers might prefer you didn’t know.

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Renovation Horror Story

Tom Harrington reveals the risks of spray foam insulation, a popular treatment that's driven one family from its home.

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Marketplace is putting flame retardants in the hot seat. We want to know: are you getting burned?

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Trouble For Rent

Marketplace exposes renters' horror stories about a multimillion-dollar company that doesn't seem to care.

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Lousy Labels

Erica Johnson separates the truly green products from the "greenwashed" — products that look green, but really aren't.

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Grow-Op Cover-Up

We team up with contractor Mike Holmes to put home inspectors to the test. Will they spot the glaring signs of a former grow-op?

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Utility Contracts: Power of Persuasion

Wendy Mesley investigates the tactics used by door-to-door energy sales people, and reveals the truth they don’t tell you when it comes to your bills and their companies.

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