Brain Training: Mind Games

In a powerful journey into the world of memory, Tom Harrington explores the fears of many Canadians, and his own, when it comes to memory loss. Having lost his parents and father-in-law to Alzheimer’s, Tom puts himself, and an industry, to the test. From popular brain training games to new technology that claims to improve brain function, he examines the promises and pitfalls of a multi-billion-dollar business in his most personal investigation yet.

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DNA testing: Gene Genie

If you could see into the future and find out if you’ll get sick, would you want to know? What would you do? What would you change? We investigate home DNA kits. They promise you insight into your medical makeup. For little money or trouble, companies say they can examine your genes and predict your risk of everything from cancer to heart disease. But what’s the real cost of these tests when it comes to your privacy? And how accurate are they anyway?

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Drugstore remedies: Licence to Deceive

It’s the kind of drugstore remedy that sounds great: Nighton says it relieves kids’ fever, pain and inflammation, with no side effects and no dyes. It’s even licensed by Health Canada as safe and effective, a powerful stamp of approval that gives parents extra peace of mind. And yet, there is absolutely no scientific proof Nighton works as it has no active ingredients. In fact, Nighton is really nothing. We know: We made it up.

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Healthy food or lousy labels? Food Fiction

No doubt you've spotted them in the grocery store: Food with labels that claim to be a healthier choice. But are those claims supported by the facts or are they really just Food Fiction?

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Ambulance Fees: No Free Ride

Some Canadians are stressed emotionally and financially after calling an ambulance in an emergency. A Marketplace investigation finds almost every province charges for ambulance services, with fees ranging from $45 to hundreds of dollars, and reveals other costs that can’t be measured in dollars and cents.

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Pharmacy Error: Dispensing Danger

We're investigating pharmacy errors, taking hidden cameras into 50 Canadian pharmacies in the largest test of its kind in Canada. Do ‪‎pharmacists‬ dispense the right advice and catch potentially dangerous drug interactions? And who's tracking the mistakes that happen?

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Orange juice: Juicy Secrets

About two-thirds of us have bought premium orange juice in the past six months, many convinced by claims of pure and natural juice, which make it seem like oranges fall off the tree into the carton. But that’s not the whole story.

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Vaccines: Shot of Confusion

Should you vaccinate your child? Overwhelming evidence says you should, yet many parents hear conflicting advice even as disease outbreaks make news. The stakes couldn't be higher. Erica Johnson examines the confusion, investigates the source, and reveals how trusted health practitioners may be putting your kids at risk. It’s an investigation every parent should see.

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Natural remedy or ripoff?

Natural cure ... or waste of cash? This week, in Remedy or Ripoff?, Tom and Erica check out four natural products to see if the science lives up to the hype.

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Gluten-free: The Truth Behind the Trend

Is gluten-free better for you? Tom Harrington investigates The Truth Behind the Trend. And the votes are in! We reveal which fee you chose as Canada's Dumbest Charge.

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Canada’s Restaurant Secrets

Marketplace goes undercover in some of your favourite chains to reveal Canada's Restaurant Secrets. Celebrity chef Roger Mooking joins us for a crash course in kitchen hygiene in our special one-hour season finale.

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Farther, Faster, Fitter?

Can sport products make us push farther, run faster, become fitter? We’re holding our own trials and asking some of Canada’s greatest Olympians what works for them. Clara Hughes and Simon Whitfield join co-host Tom Harrington as Marketplace digs into the world of sports drinks, performance foods and specialized athletic gear.

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Detox Challenge

Eight sorority sisters take the Marketplace Detox Challenge, testing the claims behind TV star Dr. Oz's "detox" cleanse. Detoxing has become a multi-billion dollar industry and Canadians are gulping down detox elixirs and going to extremes to cleanse their bodies. We ask: is there real science behind the claims, or are we just swallowing a story?

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You’re Not Covered

You think you're covered... but what if you're not? Ordinary Canadians are in financial ruin after discovering they lacked the coverage they thought they were paying for.

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A Shock To The System

It's a little machine that can make the difference between life and death, but are publicly accessible defibrillators really that accessible?

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Food Secrets

It's a shopping trip you won’t want to miss.

We’re doing some testing - and about to reveal secrets behind the food lots of us buy every week. Erica Johnson and Tom Harrington will reveal food secrets that just may change the way you eat.

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Renovation Horror Story

Tom Harrington reveals the risks of spray foam insulation, a popular treatment that's driven one family from its home.

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