BROADCAST DATE : Feb 2, 2018

How Not to Get Fooled & Tip Out Tactics

UPDATE: On the day this story was broadcast, Health Canada informed Marketplace that it has required NeuroReset to stop selling three more of its products (Neuro Connect One, Neuro Connect Lifestyle, Neuro Connect Golf) because the company doesn't have the necessary medical device licences. NeuroReset​'s Mark Metus told Marketplace his company is working with Health Canada to ensure the full compliance of all its products.

Asha Tomlinson is on a mission to find out how a chiropractor convinced the investors on Dragons' Den to endorse his unproven product. Plus, We go on an undercover dining trip to see who's getting gouged. Servers dish out a percentage of all their sales to bartenders and kitchen staff.   Since the minimum wage hike in Ontario,  chains are increasing that tip-out amount so they don't have to pay their employees more money.