BROADCAST DATE : Jan 20, 2017

The Trump Effect: Has it come to Canada?

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Last year, we looked at how racism and intolerance affects us when we go shopping, rent an apartment and apply for a job.

Now we're looking at what experts call the “Trump effect”.​ ​We're investigating how ​Donald ​Trump's campaign changed things here, both online and on the streets. In the last year, the amount of intolerant and racist language Canadians use online – in places like Twitter, in comments sections, web forums and blogs – has increased 600 per cent.

So we conduct a social experiment and use our hidden cameras to test how Canadians will respond when they're faced with racism in their communities.​ The results might surprise you.

And we follow Edmonton’s Jesse Lipscombe on his journey to teach others how to confront racism and make it awkward.