BROADCAST DATE : Dec 15, 2017

Scams and Schemes

We're back on the case, investigating our top scams and schemes:  tracking annoying telemarketers, fake reviewers, and a pricey bracelet with health claims that are beyond belief.

In 2013 Canadians were telling Marketplace the long-awaited Do Not Call list was not stopping some telemarketers. And they were still getting those annoying
calls over and over. The CRTC said it couldn't crack down because it couldn't track the companies responsible. But we did.  So did the government follow up? 

Do you rely on online reviews?  Do you trust testimonials from the people or so-called professionals who claim to endorse a product or service? Marketplace tracked down one of the most prolific reviewers for cash. She's a Canadian and posed online as a financial advisor, health care expert and regular Jane. We confronted her last year, and now we're checking in to see if she's still in business.

And would you spend $200  on a bracelet that would make you feel better — maybe even take away your pain?  The Q-ray bracelet brought in millions of dollars before authorities in the US cracked down and called it "a scheme" meant "to defraud consumers out of millions."

Meanwhile, the owners had set up shop in Canada. Watch as Wendy Mesley challenges the marketers and owner of this jewelry business.