BROADCAST DATE : Nov 14, 2014

Gas mileage: Fuel Proof

Are you really getting the mileage you were promised when you bought your car? Host Tom Harrington reveals what you’re not being told about those numbers on the window.

After Marketplace hears complaints from viewers across the country, host Tom Harrington hits the road, putting a popular pickup truck (that promises fuel efficiency) to the test. We visit car owners and showrooms, revealing the truth about fuel efficiency ratings, and why car companies should have known for years that Canadian ratings may be unrealistically low.

We'll be on Twitter all night, sharing tips for getting better mileage. Find us at @cbcmarketplace. We'll be using the hashtag #fuel.

And, we have an update to last week's show investigating online reviews, and the entire industry devoted to faking you out. We sum up your reviews of the show, and your stories about online reviews, including a Nova Scotia man who posted a negative comment on TigerDirect, which the company changed.