BROADCAST DATE : Apr 3, 2015

DNA testing: Gene Genie

If you could see into the future and find out if you’ll get sick, would you want to know? What would you do? What would you change? We investigate home DNA kits. They promise you insight into your medical makeup. For little money or trouble, companies say they can examine your genes and predict your risk of everything from cancer to heart disease. But what’s the real cost of these tests when it comes to your privacy? And how accurate are they anyway? Erica Johnson puts a booming business under the microscope.


“This is a big, big elephant in the room: dementia. And I think we have a whole generation of people out there who are scared and don’t know a lot. And there are companies capitalizing on that. And I think that’s something we need to expose.”  Tom Harrington

In a personal journey into the world of memory, Tom Harrington explores the fears of many Canadians, and his own, when it comes to memory loss. Having lost his parents to Alzheimer’s, Tom sets out on his most personal investigation yet, revealing what can help and what can hurt when it comes to memory loss. From an MRI in London, Ont. to popular online brain training games to new technology that claims to improve brain function, Tom puts himself to the test. He examines the promises of an entire industry that’s tapping into our fear of memory loss. Don't miss this one-hour special.