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Wrap Rage Awards

Marketplace is on the hunt, across the country, looking for the most frustrating, challenging, difficult-to-open packaging. And we need your help!

Tell us about the packages that give you the most grief - and nominate them for our first-ever Wrap Rage Awards.

You know what we're talking about: you try everything to open a package... scissors... knives... teeth... and it still won't open. The longer you try the more frustrated you become. Maybe you've even injured yourself. That's classic "Wrap Rage".

So, it's time to take action. We're running a nationwide search - and need your picks. What packages make you use colourful language when you open them? Do you have to use sharp scissors or knives just to get the darn thing open? Can you get cut by it? Are there too many twist ties? Is it environmentally friendly?

Spread the word and join the Marketplace campaign to put an end to wrap rage.

We'll reveal the top picks for the Wrap Rage Awards next season on Marketplace

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