BROADCAST DATE : Mar 5, 2010

Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill

Does shock, anger or confusion best describe your reaction to your cellphone bill?

For several months, Marketplace has collected bills and stories from Canadians about the astronomical and sometimes mystifying charges they have received. On Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill, Wendy Mesley investigates the story behind huge bills many Canadians rack up from using their cellphones.

After careful review, we whittled the bills down to a handful of finalists, with three being put to a nationwide poll commissioned by Angus Reid Public Opinion. One thousand Canadians (18 years or older) voted online for the story that best demonstrates the frustration consumers face from their cellphone carrier companies.

Wendy announces Canada’s winner (or maybe loser) who has really been put through the wringer by their phone company -- and speaks to the bill-holder's cellphone company.

Also, we reveal how much cell service actually costs and how little it costs their carriers.